lunacy. emptiness. panic. delusion.
30 July 2020 @ 11:27 pm
i'll write my story  

love exists but with an absence of eternity
at the first moment of a lovers' encounter, there's an affirmation of love
psychologically; lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusion
that the moment will last forever
i'm seized by desire
i hide behind my back and postpone all answers

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music: maze - kim jaejoong
mood: blah
lunacy. emptiness. panic. delusion.
22 September 2013 @ 05:33 am
full house {one}  
full house
yunho/jaejoong, yunho/yoochun, yunho/junsu, yunho/changmin, hankyung/heechul
general, romance, drama / pg13 / 1/? / (warnings: mpreg, polygamy, idollatry)
The life of Jung Yunho, the man with three, now turning four, husbands and his best friend who's engaged to a silicon doll.

The only reason why he agreed to marry Yunho despite the weird set-up was because he loves him too much to let him go. It’s either he shares or live a Yunho-less life. Obviously, he preferred the former. )
mood: restless
music: bizzytigeryoonmirae - mfbty
lunacy. emptiness. panic. delusion.
14 September 2013 @ 02:06 am
baby it's cold outside  
baby it's cold outside
angst, slight fluff / pg13 / drabble
Yoochun wakes up at the smell of cigarettes.

“yoochun, i—” he looks at him through the mirror and the way yoochun looks at him lovingly makes him want to tear up and hug him all night long. he blinks back the tears and for the first time that day, lets out a smile. “i’m okay.” )
music: the cure - drunken tiger, tasha & bizzy
mood: moody
lunacy. emptiness. panic. delusion.
11 September 2013 @ 06:36 am
everything i wanted and more {three}  
everything i wanted and more
romance, drama / pg13 / 3/?
Kris Wu, the temperamental rockstar, finds himself granting a fanboy's wish after said fanboy continuously rang his doorbell at six in the morning, camped out of his house and befriended his manager.

"we look like we're in a fucking boyband." )
music: sunflower - gavy nj
mood: pissed off
lunacy. emptiness. panic. delusion.
06 September 2013 @ 07:55 am
happy anniversary, love  
happy anniversary, love
angst / r / oneshot
It’s about time I make everyone understand one important thing.

yes, kyungsoo, you’re pathetic. even more pathetic than your sorry excuse of a husband and his cheating ass )
music: fan - epik high
mood: hungry